For those who want to know more about the technical aspects of the automation systems, here are some of the technical specifications:

Remote Controls

Swing Controllers

We have compiled a collection of frequently asked questions to help answer issues that our clients have identified.

No , not unless absolutely  necessary , Gravity is ever present and Hinge damage  and Extreme leverage causing damage to motor anchor positions , are major causes of High maintenance and ongoing costs .

No , Only to one side , If a double-swing , supply a loose power cable to opposite side in conduit .

Yes , Robogate has perfected a way of making the gate jump over the pathway and also place a magnetic kill switch to the motor .

Yes, if not more than 15 metres from the house , and the gate is not too heavy or on a major slope .

Because you need GRUNT,

No , All our gates are Steel , Pre-galvanised section .

We suggest Dulux powdercoat colours , and strongly recommend " Colorbond " colours , as Bunnings carries a full range of " White-Knight " touch up spray cans in case of " Graffitti .

Add 500mm to the actual driveway opening so that gate and motor are completely off the driveway when open.