Robogate is the automatic sliding gate specialist. We provide end-to-end solutions, from the initial design, through gate manufacturing, installation and guarantee our work.

We focus on automatic sliding gates with designs for both steel gates and timber clad gates, but we also produce swing gates and even D.I.Y. Gate Kits.

You can select designs from our gallery, or identify your own sources and we can manufacture them in our Mentone factory, ready for installation at your chosen premises.


Steel gates offer a variety of different presentations in a robust material that will last for decades.

Whether you are looking for an ornate wrought-iron styling, a modern slat design or a traditional tube steel layout, we have the hands on experience to ensure the highest quality workmanship and can adapt our products to meet your presentation needs.

A lot of people love the natural look of a good timber finish.  At Robogate, we have been manufacturing timber-clad gates for years and understand the presentations and finishes that are necessary to produce a great gate that increases the aesthetics of your property.

We can produce picket style gates, paling gates, bound timber gates, and much more.  All manufactured to the highest standards.

When you want a new gate, you sometimes want a whole new fence too. Although we don't focus on fencing, there are times when you want your fence and gates to match.

As such, we do manufacture matched inlays, which provide the steel inlay to match your new gates for your fence.

Sliding gates offer a capability to span an entire driveway (up to 2400mm high and 7800mm wide) with a single gate.  Whether for a large industrial gate or a family home, sliding gates can proved a space saving option while maximising your access.

Robogate have specialised in sliding gates and our innovative designs have improved their functionality in many practical ways.

Robogate designed the path-jump slider which will cross foot paths without following a guide rail.  Another Robogate innovation is to automatically stop on obstruction, which will stop the gate from crashing into people or vehicles that enter its path while it is trying to open or close.

Although we specialise in sliding gates, we have vast experience with swing gates and will happily construct these for you too.

Swing gates have more limitations than sliding gates as the hinge mechanism will always slip over time. To counter this in most situations, a reduced gate size is necessary, but the life span will always be shorter.

Swing gates are more suitable for pedestrian access gates as opposed to driveway access gates. 

If you are wanting swing gates on your driveway, you will need to have a matched pair to reduce the width and improve the longevity of the gates.

All of our gates come with a robust steel frame to ensure the longevity of the gates and maximise their operational life.

We manufacture the frames in our Mentone factory and custom build them to meet the size and presentation needed for their specific purpose. Our gates range from 500 mm - 2400 mm high and can be as wide as 7800 mm.

Gate automation is an important factor to Robogate, and although it might seem like a good idea to buy the gates and automate them yourself, many automation manufacturers will not sell directly to the public, so what is available to the public can often be a lower grade of automation controllers.

Automation controllers need to both articulate the gates and provide a convenient controller for their operator.

If your interested in reducing the costs of your gates or your time schedule is under dures, our D.I.Y. Gates are the right option for you.

We manufacture the complete Gate Assembly, include quality automation controllers and you can install them yourself.

D.I.Y. gates range in size from 500-2000 mm high and up to 3400 mm wide.

This option is perfect for the D.I.Y. handyman and professional alike.

Robogate not only manufactures and automates gates, but we also install them on site for you.